Cristofer Dorwart Winners The Last Game
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Cristofer Dorwart Winners The Last Game
Piter Maio Accept your challenge
Copa Punto Gamer Tournament start
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The training ground of FC legends

Welcome to our fantasy cricket realm, where passion for the sport meets skillful gameplay. As avid cricket enthusiasts ourselves, we founded this platform to provide fans with an immersive and exciting way to engage with their favorite sport. With a commitment to fair play and innovation, we've crafted a space where every user can make their dream team.

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Tips & Tricks

Research Player Form and Conditions

Stay updated on player form, recent performances, and the conditions of the match venues.

Diversify Your Team Composition

While it's tempting to focus on star players, a well-balanced team is the way to go.

Keep an Eye on Player Availability

Ensure that the players you select are part of the playing XI for the upcoming match.

Skillfully Choose Captain and Vice-Captain

The captain and vice-captain selections are important. Skillfully choose these roles.

Monitor Team News and Updates

Stay tuned to team announcements, injury reports, and any other relevant updates.

Adapt to Changing Match Dynamics

As the live match progresses, be flexible with your planning. Adjust your team accordingly.

Why Us

The pinnacle of fantasy glory


Our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about gameplay, encounter technical issues, or need assistance.


Experience the excitement of cutting-edge features and constant updates that keep our platform dynamic and fresh. We believe in evolving with the cricketing landscape.


We prioritize fairness and transparency, ensuring a level playing field for all users. Our commitment to ethical gaming includes regular audits of player selections.


Join a vibrant community of cricket enthusiasts who share your passion for the game. Our platform goes beyond individual gameplay, fostering a sense of camaraderie.


We pride ourselves on providing you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date player statistics. Our team is dedicated to sourcing data from reliable cricket databases.


Immerse yourself in the ultimate cricket fantasy experience with our intuitive and user-friendly platform. We prioritize seamless navigation and a captivating interface.

Fantasy triumphs await you

How to Play

Know the game, beat the rest

Select Your Dream Team

Browse through a list of real players from upcoming matches and carefully build your team.

Manage Your Squad Skillfully

Your role as a fantasy team manager involves making skillful decisions consistently.

Earn Points Based on Player Performance

As the live action unfolds, your fantasy team earns points based on real-life performaflex-start !importantnce.

Join Leagues and Compete

Explore a variety of contests we offer catering to different preferences and start competing.


Dispatching your queries

To join a league, log in to your account, navigate to the "Leagues" section, choose a contest that suits your preferences, and click "Join." Make sure that your team is finalized prior to the match deadline so that you can participate in the contest.

If a chosen player is not part of the playing XI, no points are awarded for their performance. This is one of the crucial reasons why it is crucial for you to check the final playing XI before the match begins to make better informed decisions.

You can join multiple leagues with the same fantasy team. This feature allows you to diversify your gaming experience, compete at different levels, and increase your chances of winning across various contests.

No, team changes are locked once a match begins to ensure fair play and maintain the integrity of the game. Once you've joined a league, team selections are final. So, ensure that you choose your team wisely.

Points are awarded to your fantasy team based on the performance of the real-life players you've selected. Points can be earned for runs, wickets, catches, and more. Our scoring system is highly transparent.

We at Supreme Wicket give major emphasis on safeguarding the security and privacy of our users. We have employed industry-standard measures and follow robust procedures to ensure that your data is secure.

Our legends speak

A glance at the Supreme Wicket experience


I've been a part of various fantasy cricket platforms, but Supreme Wicket stands out with its intuitive interface and real-time updates. The exciting competitions keep me engaged


Being a cricket lover, I've explored numerous fantasy platforms, and Supreme Wicket is by far the best. The detailed player statistics, and engaging features adds to the fun


What sets Supreme Wicket apart is its community. Engaging with fellow cricket enthusiasts, competing in diverse leagues, and sharing the thrill of victories is a fun experience


Navigating Supreme Wicket is a breeze, and the excitement it brings to fantasy cricket is unmatched. The user-friendly design allows me to quickly build my dream team


Supreme Wicket has become my playground. The emphasis on intelligent team management and the impactful captaincy choices make every match exciting


Having tried several fantasy cricket platforms, Supreme Wicket is hands down the best. The variety of leagues, engaging gameplay, and real-time scoring keep me hooked

Become a fantasy cricket pioneer Realize your fantasy cricket dreams today